Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nostalgia Night 2010 – comments – part 2

Please give us your opinion about this year’s films. Which one(s) were your favorite(s)?
• I thought there was not as much variety this year
• Very good selection. I liked them all.
• Wasn't real impressed with most of the films this year. This is really the first year we've been somewhat disappointed in the movies. We DID enjoyed Topper, The Odd Couple and Grease, however.
• In the Heat of the Night - by far. More of Poitier and Hitchcock
• Grease. Haven't seen 39 Steps yet
• In the Heat of the Night; 39 Steps, NOT: The Postman Always Rings Twice; Blithe Spirit
• Skip old musicals! More old mystery, war and westerns
• My favorites were the "newly" old, 1960's and 1970's - not so much the very old from 1930's - 40's

Do you read the weekly brochure? Do you have a favorite section? What would you suggest be included in the brochure?
• Yes. The historical info and the part about the movie
• Read brochure. We like it and think you should pretty much keep it the same.
• I like all sections, you do a great job
• Oh, yes. What makes me sad is we (SDSMT) turn out some of the best engineers in the world but we cannot figure out how to save 100 year old buildings with such history. But in Europe they have figured out how to save 1000 year old buildings. There is something wrong with this picture.
• Yes. In the News and While Back at Home
• Yes, I read it. I like "In the News"

What about the theatre? Is there anything you’d like us to share with the Elks management?
• Would be great to have the rest of the seats in the balcony replaced with new ones (on the sides & the back 2 rows). It would be even better if there was more leg room in between the rows, but due to the construction, can see it would not be possible. We DO love sitting in the balcony, however!
• Sometimes films seem dark. Is there such a thing as a brighter bulb for the screen?
• Usually the temperature is comfortable, but occasionally it is cold in the theater. While I like the new seats the quarters are very close and bulky coats make it seem more cramped. (No, I'm not going to leave my bulky coat at home)
• Good. Love it!
• It is okay as is

What could we do to make Nostalgia Night even better?
• Can't really think of anything
• I think it is perfect!
• Sound is always a problem for the hearing impaired. Is the balcony worse in this regard? People in the lower level are sometimes laughing while the balcony is silent as we did not hear the lines. Perhaps we should try sitting downstairs.

What films would you suggest for future film series?
• North by Northwest
• Yanks (1979) Emperor of the North (1973) Water Hole #3 (1967)
• Pink Panther, comedy series, Airplane, Audrey Hepburn films
• How about a spy series? Or mystery series? Avoid musicals; original Pink Panther
• Perhaps a musical from the 30s or 40s (Fred Astaire?) A foggy England murder mystery; A western classic (James Stewart/Randolph Scott) Anything with Humphrey Bogart

Please keep checking back; this is only a few of the comments we have received; we will continue to post more.
Feel free to add your comments here.

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