Monday, March 29, 2010

Nostalgia Night 2010 - comments - part 1

Please give us your opinion about this year’s films. Which one(s) were your favorite(s)?
• All weeks good, a good idea.
• Loved every minute of them every Sunday night. Couldn't wait for Sunday night! My favorites were Topper, The Postman Always Rings Twice and 39 Steps
• Fine, but lacked variety. No standout
• The Odd Couple; Command Decision; Robin and the 7 Hoods, didn't like the rest
• The best film as a film this year was "Separate Tables." thanks for showing that semi-forgotten one. You do a good job of blending serious classics with "fun" ones.
• Heat of the Night
• Clark Gable movie
• Always like the diversity

Do you read the weekly brochure? Do you have a favorite section? What would you suggest be included in the brochure?
• News of the time was informational. Actors' biographies were good.
• Yes - Always read them - So informative. I keep every one for future reference. I like the section on all the actors biographies and their lives. Kudos to whoever looks all this up! (Love it!)
• Love to see what happened locally and nationally
• Yes, we like it
• The most interesting section is the history of each film. Well done…
• Yes. Movie background is best. In the news very good and fun
• Yes. No. You're doing a terrific job with it! Keep it up.

What about the theatre? Is there anything you’d like us to share with the Elks management?
• I was cold. The theatre was cold. I was sick five weeks with a cough and cold. Terrible to sit in the cold. Give senior citizens more warmth. Pay your heating bills. Have compassion.
• The theatre is magnificent! And so friendly - courteous
• Gets HOT in the balcony!
• For years and years all films shown in the main theater at the Elks (both new and old films) have been too dark in tone. There is something wrong with the projection system. Is the bulb not positioned correctly? (when a film moves to the upstairs room it looks brighter and better).
• Thanks for moving podium before movie begins - nice and clean. C3 seat is broken - sits too low
• No, the management is doing a terrific job, too!

What could we do to make Nostalgia Night even better?
• Yes. First floor more heat. I know this is a fundraiser but…
• Not a thing - just have more nights of movies
• More prizes to balcony!
• Stop blocking off all those empty seats downstairs seats for people who don't show up.
• Door prizes are a nice addition. Thank you.
• No more old musicals
• Hard to top what you're doing now!

What films would you suggest for future film series?
• Major musicals would be entertaining. The Swan, High Society,The Subject Was Roses, I Never Sang for My Father; To Each His Own, That Hamilton Woman, Flying Down to Rio, Top Hat, The Country Girl, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, Sorry, Wrong Number, How Green was My Valley, That Touch of Mink, Waterloo Bridge, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Suddenly Last Summer; 42nd Street; Portrait of Jenny, Love Letters, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
• N by NW, Dances w/wolves
• Anything better than this years
• Top Hat - the restored version of Spartacus - Walkabout - The Third Man - something with Chaplin or Keaton - The Wrong Box
• Wizard of Oz, westerns, 7-year itch, Phantom of Opera, James Bond, News Reels of the day, musicals, cartoon before feature film, a cliff hanger
• More Oscar winners
• Perhaps a musical from the 30s or 40s (Fred Astaire?) A foggy England murder mystery; A western classic (James Stewart/Randolph Scott) Anything with Humphrey Bogart

• Please keep our same seats for next year - and 2 season tickets!

Please keep checking back; this is only a few of the comments we have received; we will continue to post more.

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