Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nostalgia Night 2010 – comments – part 3

Please give us your opinion about this year’s films. Which one(s) were your favorite(s)?
• Good selections but no westerns. Should always have a western. Favorites were Separate Tables, Odd Couple and of course "Hitchcock"
• Topper, The Postman Always Rings Twice; Command Decision; Grease would have been a better choice for Super Bowl Sunday. It was the worst movie of the year, not worth going to or missing
• Not really "into" old obscure black & white films. Enjoyed Cary Grant, so films with famous actors OK.
• Not so many old movies or musicals; previous years' movie selections have been better
• The Odd Couple (2) Grease (3) Separate Tables; We didn't get to see all, but wished we could have.
• Separate Tables, Topper, The Odd Couple, In the Heat of the Night, The Postman Always Rings Twice
• OK
• I enjoyed most of them - there were more I had never heard of before

Do you read the weekly brochure? Do you have a favorite section? What would you suggest be included in the brochure?
• Yes. I save all the weekly brochures and now have many years worth. You really don't repeat movies, do you? Mine are all properly popcorn grease stained.
• Yes - love the history portions - from world to local - Great!
• Yes. The evening's feature is favorite section
• Yes. World and local news are my favorites
• Yes - local news, birthdays and deaths
• Yes. The world and local events section. Maybe add a few trivia questions
• Yes - no
• Yes, that's one of my favorite things - I love it all!

What about the theatre? Is there anything you’d like us to share with the Elks management?
• Great job. Only a couple of times was the balcony too warm. We love sitting in the balcony!
• It's been a little cold this year
• Great facility
• Good theater
• Everything is fine except waiting in line when the weather is bad and the previous show hasn't let out yet.
• Little more butter when asking for extra on popcorn
• No

What could we do to make Nostalgia Night even better?
• Start on time (meaning call door prizes right at 6:30 pm)
• Lights before show.
• A good love story on Super bowl Sunday
• How about a Charlton Heston series
• I think it's great as it is

What films would you suggest for future film series?
• Isn't it time to repeat Western theme? 20-30 year old blockbusters
• Sci-fi movies, movies filmed in SD, westerns, Childhood actors still acting, sports movies, war movies
• A cartoon night such as Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mr. Magoo, Road Runner, etc
• Citizen Kane, Dr. Zhivago, Dances with wolves, Always
• Sound of Music
• more musicals
• The Egg and I; African Queen

Please keep checking back; this is only a few of the comments we have received; we will continue to post more.
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